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Building the world’s best consumer-tech seed-stage ecosystem.

Genesis is our seed program that democratizes access to consumer tech best practices and entrepreneurial guidance.

We provide entrepreneurs around the world with unprecedented access to data-driven insights, consumer tech resources, and community.

Program Overview

A powerful combination of insights, content, and community.

Genesis is a powerful community of consumer tech entrepreneurs that spans dozens of countries and sectors, creating an environment for continual sharing and support.

The Genesis Process

We kick off Genesis relationships with rapid decisions designed to help promising companies build momentum.

Our Concierge platform offers a suite of software tools to help companies grow. Access a global community of thousands of founders and operators to learn from and grow with.

Seed is just the beginning. We seek to build relationships and provide valuable insights early. As companies grow, we can help them scale with continued investments over time.

Genesis by the Numbers


Seed-Stage Companies


Startup Leaders


More Likely to Raise Series A*

How We Work

Accelerate growth with data-driven continuous improvement.

Our approach to serving startups is rooted in data-driven continuous improvement. We start by guiding founders to track and report the right foundational metrics. Then, we provide benchmarking paired with content and community services that help companies accelerate their growth. The cycle repeats itself, propelling companies toward greater levels of success with each iteration.


Setting Foundations

We start by establishing the right KPIs for your company’s sector and business model. We then provide tools and best practices to track and report those metrics, setting up future success.

Actionable Benchmarking

We equip Genesis startups with best-in-class benchmarking, which offers insights into market dynamics and enables strategic planning.

Content & Community

Founders can find a library of best practices and join community events alongside other Genesis entrepreneurs, covering everything from hiring, to marketing, to growth, led by successful founders and industry experts.

Be a part of a growing community of entrepreneurs

We help seed-stage founders prepare for Series A and are able to lead investment rounds, propelling the business toward scale and success.

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