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Focus on enjoying the destination, not worrying about the best way to fly there. The perfect aircraft is just a detail when designing a seamless experience.


Fly on your terms. When you want, where you
Flying On-Demand gives you the total control of
your flight and an unbeatable level of service at
competitive rates. No hidden fees, no upfront
investment or jet card payments.

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Your aircraft is ready when you are.

Group Charter

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Shared Flights

Fly on Hyer® exclusive routes booking a seat.

Flying on a shared flight with like-minded people
gives you the convenience and comfort that only
private aviation can provide, for a fraction of the

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Our membership program is innovative, bold 
and offers even more personalisation and

You will start enjoying the benefits straight away.


Enhanced services, control and rewards

Hyer® Altitude

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Hyer® is a charter broker with a global digital platform and is not a direct air carrier. All flights advertised to which Hyer® has access are owned and operated by a properly licensed third party air carrier, compliant with rules outlined by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (or other appropriate authority under foreign law). Hyer® does not carry additional liability insurance. Passengers are covered by the aircraft operator insurance.

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