Who we are

CampusConnected is a leading mental health tech platform, specializing in the development of intelligent, global peer support networks. Our secure and engaging spaces provide millions of individuals with a platform to share life’s challenges and successes. We are dedicated to creating impactful mental health support options for everyone, collaborating with experts in the field to ensure relevance and effectiveness. Learn more about our initiatives and research partners on CampusConnected.


About CampusConnected

We know that student mental health support is crucial. How your student population feels impacts not only their academic achievements but also their relationships and wellbeing as a whole.

We launched CampusConnected as the pandemic hit in 2020 to provide ongoing mental health support wherever students were in the world and provide a critical continuity of care across 26 languages.

CampusConnected was built with student wellbeing as a key focal point. Peer-to-peer allows young people to share, connect, and feel understood by people like them. Actually, since using the student platform:

Over 70% of users feel less isolated

79% feel more able to cope with life

82% feel more understood

​With a user-friendly, affordable platform, we allow universities and colleges to support their students’ mental health in an accessible way.

We understand how important it is for university mental health support to be simultaneously impactful, safe, and engaging.

And it shows: we support over 250 institutions and millions of students across the globe, helping users with their struggles anytime, anywhere.

User-Friendly Design

Supporting mental health at university shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on UX. We developed a user-centric, beautiful design with regular updates, new features, and a familiar feel to ensure our communities are spaces where young people and mature students alike want to engage.

“I feel safe here, I can speak to people who don’t know me and be real about how I feel. I was really glad I was able to gain a lot of support throughout the past few turbulent months and I’m happy to say that I got my diploma.”

Medical Excellence

We go beyond aesthetics. Our distinctive combination of secure social networking adheres to the highest safety standards and best practices, fostering a warm and welcoming environment. Professionally moderated, our mental health platforms feature real-time escalation procedures and round-the-clock clinical support.

“The individuals on the platform provide support by validating my feelings. They express, ‘I understand what you’re feeling, I’ve experienced it too, your problems are real.’ It’s truly a wonderful platform, creating a sense of safety. This is my community.”

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