Our Story

Our Story

Our narrative revolves around the recognition that mental health is more pertinent than ever, yet obtaining support remains costly, with prolonged waiting times and the added burden of stigma. This realization fueled our mission to construct a novel social network, ensuring that nobody has to grapple with their mental health in isolation.

From humble origins, we’ve expanded our networks to assist millions globally. Founded in 2012, CampusConnected has evolved from a simple space to share life’s highs and lows into sophisticated, award-winning, intelligent peer support platforms, spanning 125 countries and over 26 languages.

At the core of our philosophy is the encouragement of authenticity, providing a judgment-free space where individuals can openly discuss their mental health and feel a sense of empowerment. It’s a place where like-minded people converge, offering support and reaping the rewards of genuine social connection.

Our journey involves assembling top minds in technology, mental health, and innovation to create groundbreaking platforms that leverage the best of technology and the internet. We are dedicated to fostering social connection, nurturing peer support, and implementing protective measures at scale. Our global team boasts decades of experience in mental health, engineering, design, and Trust and Safety.

In 2018, CampusConnected emerged as a platform exclusively tailored for students, acknowledging the unique challenges they face and the imperative for educational institutions to provide independent support options while acknowledging the significance of cohesive care.

CampusConnected have empowered us to reach individuals who may have otherwise been overlooked, delivering crucial support directly to those who need it most.

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